Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hard To Swallow Stiff Neck Aching

1071 Wortgepränge as to the rights gladly Used Vehicle for obtaining their own advantage positions. The central moment in the Guttenberg affair.

The blogger is different with this entry from his original plan. Namely, on the basis of further stated your from the press, quoted in the original or even brought to record the event Guttenberg in his electronic notebook on. One of the main protagonists of the scene right here, made especially so in a blue box, because if at all he is and does, not only his naivety, but also about his blue blood is involved. Which is, so to at least hope not will ensure that he - once again - it comes with a black eye. Instead, the blogger would like to hereby as yet come to prefer the more basic of the matter.
If the noble scion says he apologized to those he had possibly violated by the acceptance of their ideas, with all my heart - then that is yet another lie. Because: This apology is owed only to the calculations to make in public opinion even as many points as possible - is thus there is no heart. Points that will be reflected as a sympathy-values for the CDU on the ballot. Such a criterion is of course in the strategy planning of our high and mighty Chancellor almost certainly the dominant role - but it can also be considered completely separate from the corresponding calculus. Because of this hochmögende - and probably wealthy - Adel shoot can not help but to build up by well-sounding phrases to inflate inflate - or whatever you like here still attach to the yes totally innocent "to" an extent.

addition of the preposition (Pp) "to" fall into the matter in question, further contribute to a consideration, exempt the following dominant in it: What of (Pp) to (Pp) of Guttenberg (Pp), his casual use of (Pp) the intellectual property of others and with (pp) As for the truth is because of (a preposition, the blogger whose real sure but first has to ) in (pp) to him who reveals arrogance characteristic of (Pp) the occurrence of "better masters" in general.

He puts the like containing the blue blood that he so - and will he not see this like this - is the privilege to play within the social ensemble a particularly distinguished role and enjoy. Also, our erstwhile leader - although far from the a nobleman, was in terms of simplicity of his ideas but it certainly can compete with this strange needle shoot - would enjoy such a prominent role - focusing, inter alia, as GröFaZ as "the greatest leader of all time" celebrating leaving. In this context, a quote was taken up, which is found in post 1067:
" Responsible for schedule, sound, lighting and directing. The most widely read newspaper in town, the gracious nickname, that she honors the ministers are almost as numerous as his first name. A politician is born to us, a ray of hope is given to us, the government will rest on his shoulders, and his name is first votes King, Public darling see flyer, light shape. " Once again stimulated, in particular pictures or RTL, the very many residents of this our country in a political on stage therefore consider coming actor a savior, someone who has the stuff, they somehow . extricate from the daily experience of humiliation and neglect Where their image and the equivalent in the media scene Gelumpe them, of course, does not say that things for them so are In this context, a pan -. encouraged by a message in the HAZ of today. Titled "Signature Battle Miegel Agnes" and the Subtitle "street name change is in Celle nationwide push for discussions / residents hold on the usual" there is reported that the name of this East Prussian homeland poet now in several cities provide exciting. Inasmuch as in terms of renaming two camps form: some are with the Hanover historian Bernhard Strebel, who, alone in Celle 100 street name with a view to using them so revered figures of the millennium checked off, relative to her reached the following conclusion: "'The poet was avowed admirer of the Führer', Strebel had found and published in 1938 to a hymn of praise 'to the leaders' related. This finding now take local politicians and initiatives elsewhere as an opportunity to make the ceremony Miegel in the form of road signs in question "subject to this point now: The". Signature Battle The others, however, represented or carried. the right-wing Christian Worch advertise in it for it to get the name remains. And did this in a compound, which give the name CITIZENS INITIATIVE FOR CIVIL COURAGE "not be ashamed. It is therefore, in exactly the line of their character well reasonably traced hinged needle stem has: to bring under complete rotation of a conceptual content the impression that in most energetic form, respectively. Represented by him would be a good thing. It was because these only ambition trimmed Type with the understanding of the conversation with the two of him in the Kunduz affair men fired as a "private conversation" is not as accurate - perk it SPIEGEL editors report that could cause them held before facts simply denied. quoted by the right-wing citizens' initiative is launched, any more than all that has given the Blaublütler the last time so of himself as a good thing. Knows of at least equipped with some more contemporary Grips - having IMAGE Readers and jungle camp connoisseurs not quite so numerous - that courage involves action, which presupposes the overcoming of fear. This fear is, however, who has just been stirred up by the / rights in our glorious past with all the tricks - and is now to be well stoked on. Because they are very well suited as a vehicle for their own interests as much as possible to achieve a breakthrough. Make it clear that they are of such a refined atmosphere promise to come out with their nutty views quite large and others being able to crouch. Where, then, of whom exactly the moral courage would be required to eliminate the suppression is required. PS: In the following identifiable expectant party mood sets the right certainly, if you like this comes in a blue environment Related hope the matter with a black eye - still naive like rambling, he did everything to the best of my knowledge and belief done.

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Because as practicable before, the production of content is - he now proposes not only how to start, a number of image and text materials, but all of a sudden all the same. For some inexplicable reason. More on the matter in post 795
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